We’ve been on the search for quite some time for a donor bike to build a sidecar rig. One of our employees had a BMW R90 stashed away deep in a barn and finally gave in for us to create something awesome. We started this build in the fall of 2012. This past winter we completely re-worked this machine and chassis to sidecar racing specs. All work done in-house including custom welded frame and sidecar, removable backbone on the frame, down sleeving to an R75 (for the sidecar class) leading link front end (Earles fork), fiberglass bodywork, and retro vintage racing paint. We put alot of hours and work into this rig, and it shows. Below are some photos we took of our build, we hope you enjoy them. You can also stop by the shop and check out the rig for yourself, but to really feel the energy, come watch the action right before your eyes at the track!